Want Tap on Touch Pad Interpreted as Left-Click

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I am accustomed to a variant of Ubuntu and I decided to give straight Debian a try. One of the first differences I notice is that with Ubuntu (certainly with Lubuntu, which is the variant I have been running for a while), a tap of my finger on the touch pad simulates a click of the left mouse button. However, Debian (Wheezy) doesn't seem to interpret the same gesture at all; one has to press the button. Do you know how to enable this interpretation with Debian? Is it in the X server, in the driver for the touch pad, or where?

I have a System 76 Pangolin portable (carefully not called a "laptop" because computer could overheat lap or _vice versa_), which seems to be an Asus M7V with a System 76 label applied. However I also tried Debian (Squeeze) on a 64-bit HP 2000 something portable and noticed that it wasn't interpreting the taps on that machine either.

Re: Touchpad tapping

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I run KDE with Debian and there is an option in its Control Panel-equivalent (kde-config-touchpad) to configure my laptop's touchpad to respond "properly". For GNOME the package "gsynaptics" might be worth checking out.

I'd try these desktop-oriented options first. Another way you can go about this is to edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file to enable tapping (see this for an example).