Gnome 3 Radeon 2000-4000 fallback

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Xserver, kernel, gnome 2 deprecation: Is this solved? According to this, maybe yes-- Google says that post is five days old. A legacy Catalyst 13 (fglrx) works? This is newer than the Catalyst 9 version mentioned as workable in the past. Hated proprietary?: Gnome doesn't shell without fglrx, right?

I hate to bug people here about this: I've searched on this for a few hours now. For the most part on this issue, forums don't go beyond 2012. One relevant forum thread earlier this month (Linuxmint) indicated that it's still hopeless.

If this hasn't been fixed after all, does this driver issue affect KDE negatively too--in a similar manner? I'm also considering LMDE, LXDE, and XCFE--I think that these latter work.....

Maybe this isn't the appropriate forum....

Gnome 3 Radeon 2000-4000 fallback

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I dont know the answer but to me the state of Linux desktops is confusing. KDE may be broken but I dont like the way Gnome has shattered into many versions of Gnome.

The trend towards using proprietary widgets is one that the Linux community should be avoiding. Have you now tried some of the lighter desktops to see if they work?