Sound used to work...

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Hi Debianhelp,

I have a fresh install of Wheezy on a DELL latitude 6530 with LXDE, Iceweasel + Flash plugin and some more apps. Sound worked just fine, however, it has just mysteriously stopped working. I have worked with alsamixergui (and seen to it that speakers and master are on) and run

aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Noise.Wav

and... nothing :-(.

It used to work and I am lost... where to begin my search for the problem?



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First of all check case of the letter "W".
In my system it is lowercase i.e. "Noise.wav"

Re: Sound used to work...

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I have little idea of what the various subsystems of the Linux sound-system are now. But with that caveat, I had a sound issue on one box that would not play. Like you I checked a mixer to ensure there were no problems there.

The box had "phonon" installed since it was running KDE. I went ahead and installed a bunch of other sound-related packages and I think that the "pulseaudio" subsystem was the key that made it make noise.

But again, huge caveats here...