Q: How often is debian-testing updated?

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The debian.org site says the testing download is updated every week. It seemed so in my past experience of five years ago; usually updated every Sunday by midnight. However, the last update that I downloaded and tried to install was 8-19-13. Are the files keeping the same date as they change, or it just is not updated? Thanks,

RE: How often is debian-testing updated?

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As you know, Testing is the version of Debian that will eventually become the next "stable" release. Given the timeframe of Debian releases, we're likely well over 1 year away from Testing going stable and being a full new release. During that timeframe Testing will go through cycles.

For example, if the X windows team introduces a new version of X into Testing, there will be a flurry of activity as other package maintainers update their packages to work properly with the new version of X. The same idea applies to other major components -- if a new Kernel is released into Testing, or if a new GNOME or KDE version is introduced, etc. And this cycle also applies if more minor components are updated (say, a new version of PHP or something) -- components related to that update will be updated. At other times you won't see much happening in Testing, mainly because the package maintainers are working on other things.

This cycle will go on many times during Testing's life, until the release people finally determine Testing to be "frozen", when only bug fixes (or essential updates) are done.

Since you're using Testing, this is likely on a non-production (read "fun") machine. If you want to play with Debian, I'd suggest opting for the "Sid" (unstable) version of Debian. Sid may break things. But in general it's fine for use. For example, I run Sid on my HTPC to use XBMC. Sid gets a lot of updates, and you have access to the latest software.