USB install no cd-rom error

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Hi I an
Name: Asus Eee PC 701SD
Processor: Intel® Celeron M 353 900Mhz

and I try to install from USB using the installation


and the using the program


on a fat32 formatted USB

when detecting hardware I get the error

'no common cd-drive was detected'

I've tried searing the device for drivers, didn't work
I've tried selecting no the choosing none for the second option

I don't know what else to do

Re: USB install no cd-rom error

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I was curious as to whether you figured out how to solve this problem

I once had a similar issue with a book-sized "PC" and trying to boot from a thumbdrive. After researching the issue, I came to the guess that there was some sort of a problem in Debian's installer (some other distros installed properly). Eventually I "solved" the problem by borrowing a USB DVD drive and installing off from that.