Debian to switch default desktop to XFCE?

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Will Debian be changing its default desktop GUI from GNOME to XFCE for the upcoming "Jessie" release of Debian GNU/Linux?

This has been an ongoing discussion among the Debian developers for some time, but was recently brought up again.

There may be a consensus emerging to plan for an XFCE default desktop. The idea then being to evaluate the final decision based on user and developer feedback and usage of GNOME and XFCE just before the Jessie release is put into a "frozen" state before its final release.

Considering the enormity of this default change to Debian's desktop, the question is: What do you think should be Debian's default desktop -- GNOME or XFCE (or some other choice)?

Gnome vs. XFCE

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Finding programs from the desktop is easier with Gnome for me. GDM3 is like better than kdm if I can remember how to change back from kdm.

Desktop change

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To me a lot of this is much ado about nothing.

For the past few years I've used KDE as my desktop. It's no problem installing KDE despite GNOME being the "default" desktop. Once Iceweasel is installed, all of the various GNOME libraries are installed so any other GNOME program runs fine.

I think the same thing about XFCE. If the project changes the default to that, it won't really impact me. But I do like XFCE's emphasis on being lightweight -- that's an angle both GNOME and KDE needs to pay more attention to.

But what do I know? I still haven't figured out why GNOME and KDE haven't merged at a greater level... Smile