Help with data recovery

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Hi everybody,

Please help me to recover deleted data from an etch Debian server, after an authorized access.
8 GB were deleted from the 20 GB sized single partition existent on a WMVare virtual machine. Backup is too old and irrelevant.

I'm waiting for competent instructions, thanks in advance!


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Is there a extundelete binary compiled for Debian Etch?

Re: Undelete

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Did you find anything?

I've toyed with undelete programs before, but that was years ago and I'm not sure what's available now. You may want to have a look at some of the various system rescue bootable CD ISOs that are out there. I've seen some of those that had undelete programs compiled for the rescue CD.


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Thanks for taking the time to answer!

Found some tools and tried, no success so far. Will try your suggestions too.