synaptic package manager auto close (Debian7.2 LXDE)

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HI... HELP...

My synaptic package manager auto close when run that...
click the icon "synaptic package manager",
the SPM screen flash half second,
then close...

The Wheezy LXDE is new install.
and installed on a USB Flash Disk..
I have tried Gnome is OK..



Package managers

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I don't use synaptic and you don't give much information to go on.

But remember, you have other package manager alternatives. Debian has a slew of them, some command-line, some text mode, some graphical -- apt-get, dselect, aptitude, kpackage and others.

Just remember, those package managers must be run as "root" -- the superuser. You can log in as the user "root" or try "sudo commandName".

For example, from a command prompt as the root user, you could run "apt-get update ; apt-get dselect-upgrade ; apt-get clean". Those are 3 separate commands that will update your system. the "apt-get update" will update your database of packages from the various Debian repositories; the "apt-get dselect-upgrade" will update any packages you have that are outdated; and the "apt-get clean" will delete unneeded *.deb files after they're installed

What I'd suggest is to run the command "aptitude" from the command line (as the root user, of course; or else try "sudo aptitude"). Aptitude is a text mode package manager. It may seem weird but it'll do the same things that Synaptic will. That would allow you to update your system, and, if need be, you could use it to first uninstall and then to reinstall Synaptic -- that might cure the problem. You shouldn't have to do such "Windows-like" tactics with Linux, but without more information about what's going on that may be a quick cure.