Debian's FTP parameters to download ISO

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How do I download the ISO files from Debian using Filezilla?
I'm new to Linux and not even started with Debian, so I'm clueless with command line, specially Aria2 that I downloaded and I can't not even find the GUI, if there is one.
I appreciate any help with either options.
Thank you.

Downloading with Filezilla

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Since it's not in the GUI it's likely not installed.

You have 2 basic ways of installing it:

• to use "aptitude" or some package manager to select it and install it (aptitude should be installed by default)

• or else go to a commandline as the "root" user (superuser) and type "apt-get update" (that will update the available packages database) and then "apt-get install filezilla" and that will install Filezilla and any packages that Filezilla requires/depends on.

Once it's installed you'll find Filezilla in the Debian menu system; under the Internet category I think it's called "FTP Client".