debian-edu install with no CD anymore!

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The whole story:
I began to install debian-edu for our home network. It got the computer online and began to download 1.5 hours software. I went to bed expecting any network questions on the screen today. I woke up with the CD drive open, and the system ready to reboot. okay.

I reboot the system to a good grub intro, enter the login, password, fine, but there is no wifi anymore and no CD drive. How do I get my CD drive back?

1) Some wifi works out-of-the

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1) Some wifi works out-of-the-box, some doesn't. Open a Terminal and issue the command: lspci
What appears against "Network Controller". Can you temporarily connect by cable? Can you copy and paste the result here?

2) You need to have a CD in your CD-Rom. You Mount the CD not the Rom. Does a disk show?

CD fixed when I looked the

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The CD problem fixed when I looked at the bios setup I changed. This debian-edu setup was with the CD install, so I will try the USB install to see if the time can be shorter. (I used fdisk to delete some partitions and start over, the partition was past Fedora, which used a huge LVM and many partitions that I didn't want.) Tomorrow, I will have more time to install and setup the network. Thanks,