Kde hangs after login

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I am new to Linux. About 3 weeks ago I installed Debian Testing Netinst and everything went perfectly until the other day I rebooted the machine and to my surprise the GUI did not load right after entering login details. I can only move the mouse and see the background screen. I can also open consoles using CTRL + ALT + F1, etc.

More things:

- The graphical environment is KDE
- I had not made ​​any aptitude upgrade during the three weeks
- The last apps I installed were Knotes and Kcalc
- I've tried reinstalling the NVIDIA drivers but still gives the same problem
- I've also done aptitude update and aptitude upgrade several times without solving the problem

I would appreciate any help or what log files I can check.



KDE install

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I run Debian testing on my HTPC box with KDE. Testing's KDE has undergone some definite updates over the past week or two. I update every couple or few days, and I haven't noticed anything breaking. (Though for a couple of days VLC was prone to die on some videos; an update must have fixed that because it no longer exhibits the problem.)

What I'd suggest is to definitely do an update of all software. A "apt-get update ; apt-get dselect-upgrade" will update the machine to the latest software.

You didn't mention what display (login/greeter) manager you're using. While KDE should work with any login manager, it's default is to use "kdm". I had some problems once using "lightdm" with KDE, but it disappeared once I switched back to "kdm". Thus, if you have the disk space, trying something like "apt-get update ; apt-get install kde-full" will ensure you have the entire KDE system installed (which likely means some software you really don't need or will ever use).


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Apparently I uninstalled accidentally the plasma-desktop package. Now it is working again.
Thank you!!