Sponsored Content in Iceweasel/Firefox?

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Any word on whether the sponsored content "feature" will make its way into Iceweasel?


Marketing, tracking and commercialization in Firefox

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I've always hated that tiled home page in Firefox/Iceweasel. It annoys me that even though I've set the browser's home page to be "blank" the tiles appear at times (new tab?). Fortunately, the entire thing can be disabled via a configuration directive.

But I for one hope that the so-called "directory tiles" do not appear in Iceweasel.

Iceweasel was spun off simply over purely free software issues. While such commercial gimmickry is not technically in violation of the meaning of free software, these marketing strategies are clearly abusive to users and are in violation of the spirit of free software. Just the appearance of such tracking/advertising would make me have zero confidence in the entire browser. (Hell, call me paranoid, but I avoid using Chrome simply because of Google's business model.)

Mozilla is spinning this issue hard (seen in these blog posts: 1, 2) as they try to put lipstick on this pig. The fact that they admit they will use GeoIP to pitch ads should be insulting to people and cause them to start looking for another web browser to use.

I suppose whether this commercial spying on users is incorporated into Iceweasel will be up to the Debian maintainer, and there are obviously questions of how much work is involved in removing the "feature", how far Iceweasel is to move away from Firefox, etc., but we can be thankful that there are alternative web browsers in Debian.

The bottom line is that if Firefox and/or Iceweasel abuses their users, Firefox and/or Iceweasel can and should be dumped and replaced.

PS -- To keep people from thinking your post was spam, I changed the title and added "in Iceweasel/Firefox?"


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That sounds terrible. It means more advertising in the future.

I have taken a liking to epiphany lately. It impresses me as being lean and mean. I should start to use it more based on this news.