Video editing with Kino

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Running Wheezy. My task is simple. I want to copy a segment from an avi or mp4 movie and save it into an avi or other video file.

Looking at Linux video editors I am lost with kdenlive. Kino seems simple enough for what I need.

The problem is that when I export a selected scene it seems to do work for 20 seconds or so but then ends without an error message and without producing any output. I stumbled onto the fact that if I install mencoder the XviD MGPEG-4 AVI Single Pass option will work. Nice. But what about all the other export options? What do I need to install to get those working?

Is there a better or different tool I should be using? I keep thinking it should not be this hard to simply mark a section of a movie and copy the scene into a separate file. Or am I just that numb?


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Kino is a dead project; it hasn't been developed for a few years.

I know Debian contains several other video editors, but I cannot recommend one. To me, video editing is like editing graphics files. Some people just want to use MS Paint, others want full-blown graphics editors with all the bells and whistles. The two levels of difficulty/depth mean very different user interfaces and it's hard to get those interfaces "right". In my experience, video editing not only eats up hardware, but like graphics editing it's a black hole for time and things get deep really fast.

> Or am I just that numb?

Hey, it's *nix. Making you feel numb is a way to ensure humility. *nix excels at that task! Smile