Connect to Windows Network (Noob question)

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Yes, HELP!!

I'm a complete Noob at this, and cannot for the life of me figure out how to properly connect my newly-installed Debian (7.4) system to my home Windows network.

I need to be able to read files on my Debian box from the Windows network (can't do that now) and to read shared files on the Windows network from the Debian box.

Further, I (eventually) need to be able to print from my Debian Box to a Brother printer that is wirelessly linked to my Windows network (a lower priority, right now)

Any help (including links to info on this issue) would be seriously appreciated, especially if it can be done without using the command line interface. I do want to learn that, but if there are GUI tools that will do the job, it's better for the present time.

Also, if there is a particular forum to use for this, please let me know

Many thanks in advance!

Windows Networking...

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The key to Windows networking is a package called "Samba". That contains a server portion that talks in the protocol Windows uses for networking. It's worth installing just to play around with. There is a command-line client that you can do all sorts of things with, such as integrating a Windows network share and making it part of Linux's file system tree.

But most would want a GUI type file browser/access to Windows systems. I do *nix-style NFS networking, but when I access a Windows machine I'll typically use "pyneighborhood" (one of several programs to access Windows shares). Install that and give it a try.

If you have network access to that printer, I'm sure the Common Unix Printer System (CUPS) will have some sort of driver that will talk to the printer. Try installing "system-config-printer" for a GUI printer configuration tool.

Can't even edit the Samba Config file...

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One issue seems to be that my windows computers are on one domain, but my Debian box somehow defaulted to "WORKGROUP" even though I supplied the domain name during setup. I've tried to go in and edit the samba.config file, but have to do that as root. Then, when I try to log in as root, with the password I supplied at setup, I get an authentication error. Other settings, which take the root password to change, seem to work.

can root only run from the command line?