PC Crash Leaves a Bootable System with no Partitions Visible

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When my motherboard died and shutdown the system I thought all I needed was another motherboard. That did seem to be true after rebuilding my pc. My Wheezy system rebooted just fine, Gnome gui fired up, and all filesystems were visible, and intact when examined from a shell prompt. However, fdisk can't find ANY partitions on the system disk, which is a GUID identified drive. The other disks on my system, also GUID identified, do show up fine in fdisk. As far as fdisk is concerned, the system disk got wiped. I'm happy that I'm up and running, but what can get clobbered as far as fdisk is concerned, that has absolutely no effect on the kernel's ability to boot and mount all partitions on the system disk?

K8n Neo 4
AMD 3200+
Seagate 160gb SATA system disk
NVIDIA GeForce 6200 video card