Partitioning taking forever

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I have a new dell server with 1 tb drive and 2 gb of ram. I started to install a wheesy x64 net install and when it got to partitioning I choose guided entire disk with encryption and LVM. Then choose seperate /home /usr /var etc. partitions. It now says erasing data on partition #5 (sda). It has been averaging about 2% an hour so at the 24 hour mark it is at 46%. This seems way to slow. How long should it take? Is it safe to cancel and restart. Is this a possible hardware issue. Thanks, Tony

Re: Partitioning taking forever

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Caveat: I never use the guided option, so this is mainly a guess.

Could this be due to some option to "check blocks" and thus the install is examining the entire disk? That could be the issue; on modern hard drives that you have some confidence in and are not exhibiting signs of problems that block check routine is unnecessary.

If that isn't it, the culprit is likely the encryption doing something time-consuming. To confirm that's the case, as a test just try to do the same thing without the encryption option and see if it goes quickly. If so, at least you'll know what's causing the delay.

> How long should it take?

Not having done encryption for some time, I cannot say. But the last time I did it the total time was very reasonable/normal (less than an hour; but that was in a machine with much more RAM).