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Hello all,
I recently decided to put together a Linux system after having been introduced to it in college. I was able to download and installed Debian using the Debian 7.6 LXDE CD ISO from I've also decided to try some bitcoin mining and set up an account with the Bitminter pool. I'm trying to install BFGminer but every tutorial I'm finding I am having trouble with including ones that use Git. I've tried to figure out how to install Git but am having issues there as well. Would anyone be able to provide some guidance or offer advice on steps and commands I should be using?

Installing Git

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There's a link at the bottom of the page to Debian's documentation; strongly recommended.

Installing software in Debian is relatively easy. Learning to use the software you install can be a different issue. Smile

To install a software package, the basic method is to use "apt-get". This must be run as "root" (super user), so make sure you're logged in as root (or use the "su" command to switch users and become root).

As root run:

apt-get install git You'll also likely want to run apt-get install on the "git-doc" and "git-man" packages to install the documentation and manual pages for git.

Another way to install software is Debian is to use a package manager. These are a more visual way to interact with the package database and to select, install, remove (etc.) software packages. Highly recommended. You can use the same "apt-get install" command to install "synaptic" and/or "aptitude".