getting rtl5370 wifi to work

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Hi guys,
this may have been answered before but after reading back through the old posts i cant see it.
i dont have an ethernet connection to the adsl router, as it is 4 rooms away and i dont have a cable long
so my only option is to use the wifi.
i have 2 wifi dongles and neither of them seem to work under debian 7.5 amd64
one is a rtl 5370 which is seen and shows in lsusb
the other is a netgear N300 which is also seen and recognised but they both get a firmware missing notification from linux.
i have downloaded the driver from realtek for the 5370 compiled the driver, installed the driver, ran depmod, copied the dat file across to /etc/wireless etc.
the iwconfig shows the wlan0 interface, but it is not controllable from the network manager.
i havent tried installing the driver for the n300 yet.
am i doing something wrong?
thanks in advance.

Re: getting rtl5370 wifi to work

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Personally, I try to avoid the (typically non-free) drivers from the manufacturer.

Have you tried the installation instructions described here. If not, I'd purge (fully remove) the manufacturer's driver and give that a try.