Blank screen after resuming from hibernation

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I am a relatively new Linux user and had some phun with Mint before switching to Debian, due to software freedom (influenced by, but I am not going to argue about free/non-free)

I managed to install 7.6 x64 with Xfce desktop on an Acer Aspire V5 laptop (after deleting a malware called Windows 8 )

When I resume from hibernation all I get end up with is a blank screen. The screen is on, just blank.

Please help me Obi van!!!

Thanks and all the best!

Screen blanking

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I don't use XFCE but with KDE and other desktops it should respond to moving the mouse or hitting the Shift key or some other key. But I'm guessing you tried that. Smile

Try digging around in XFCE's settings and play with the power saving features. Since this is a laptop the power saving functions could be set to something overly aggressive.

Another thing to try is to switch to a text-mode virtual terminal and then switch back to X. That often will reset a hosed video system. Just do a Ctrl-Alt-F1 to go to the text mode, and then a Ctrl-Alt-F7 to switch back to X.