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Hi, I'm having a Wacom intuos pen&touch CTH-480 tablet, and I need to update my libwacom to a newer version (because last debian version is 0.8, and there is no my tablet in data folder of 0.8, but I found my tablet in 0.10 libwacom data folder, so I need to install 0.10). I tried to configure make install it from tar.gz, but got some errors, mabbe you will help me (a txt file with command prompt results attached)
. Thanks in advance


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> libwacom.c:1092:1: fatal error: opening dependency file .deps/libwacom.Tpo: Permission denied

The permission denied probably means that dependency does not exist. Either way, it sounds like the module wants some dependency and is not having it fulfilled. Do the docs say this has to be compiled as root, and/or does it list out the dependencies the driver requires?

Finally after some hours I

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Finally after some hours I came along with doing configure and make as normal user in place of root, and it seems to install successfully.
Howewer, my device still not working, and now I have absolutely no ideas why Sad
It should be listed if I execute
xsetwacom list
but those commands return empty results.
Totally confused Sad