live 7.6.0 asks for password at restart

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Installed Debian live 7.6.0 amd 64 to usb from an iso file off of the official web site. Works Great! When the computer goes to sleep and I wake it up or if I do a system restart from the menu it asks for a password. From the reset password option it appears to be a five letter password. I did not set a password at start up. Help Mr. Wizard!

Which password?

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I don't use the live CD, so these are only guesses.

First, it's unlikely you could guess how many letters/characters the password has by anything on the screen. That would be a weakening of security on a blatantly stupid level.

But the password is likely either one of three things:

If the process created a user, then that user's password could be it. Or, if it asked for a root/super-user password, that could be it.

Lastly, since this is a CD, the password could be "hard coded" onto the CD. In this case, checking the documentation would likely reveal the password.