minidlna does not strart at boot time

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I have installed minidlna, but I have problem with the start of minidlna at the boot time.
There is a link /etc/rc2.d/S22minidlna which points to ../init.d/minidlna, but the script is
not called at boot time.
After boot I can start minidlna without any problem. Simple

sudo /etc/init.d/minidlna start

will do the job. After this manual start, minidlna is working ok.
I don't have a clue where is the problem.
Distribution is Debian 7.7. Any help is appreciated.


Boot issues...

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A thought: I'm not sure what minidlna is, but I've run into problems like this with some other programs. These were typically on machines that were doing something so that the NIC was not being brought up in time. Since the NIC wasn't up yet the program would bomb and not start. Could it be something like that in this case?

You might also want to try rerunning the update-rc.d (a "man update-rc.d" will provide info) program to ensure that the init script is actually being run.

Re: Boot issues

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minidlna is a small UPnP/Media server.
I do not know how to check the time when the NIC is brought up.
I have manually remove all links to minidlna in rc?.d directories. After that I have run the following command:
update-rc.d minidlna defaults 22
(22 is the original sequence number for minidlna), but that does not solve the problem.
If there is a need for further informations please ask, I will provide them.

minidlna boot issue

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There must be some service or something else that /etc/init.d/minidlna is expecting to be running when the script is called, but that service is not started for some reason. I have added "sleep 5" at the beginning of the /etc/init.d/minidlna, and now minidlna is started at the boot time.
This is bug on how init is handling the initialization of the system. I have posted bug report to the Debian bug tracking system. I hope that they will solve the problem.