sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata Wrong Time for Amererica/Caracas

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Hi all, I am trying to set the right itme on muy laptop with Debian 7.7 Whezzy but I fail an update of the correct time.

Caracas Time Now is: 20:13 Hrs

UTC Time Now is: 00:42

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

[sudo] password for user:

Current default time zone: 'America/Caracas'
Local time is now: Tue Nov 11 16:43:35 VET 2014. << Its Wrong
Universal Time is now: Tue Nov 11 21:13:35 UTC 2014.

Any ideas? Thanks

that is how I solved it

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I note that there is no NTP servers to Venezuela, the less active or for Colombia or Peru

Brazil — (21)
Chile — Diablo
Argentina — (12)
Venezuela — (0)
Peru — (0)
Uruguay — (1)
Colombia — (0)
Ecuador — (4)

In fact it gives me error when trying to synchronize with


But it seems already solved, the case was there to stop the NTP service before upgrading, as below soucione thank you very much everyone.

# /etc/init.d/ntp stop
[ ok ] Stopping NTP server: ntpd.

# ntpdate -u server
Error resolving server: Name or service not known (-2)
13 Nov 16:39:56 ntpdate[10298]: Can't find host server: Name or service not known (-2)
13 Nov 16:40:04 ntpdate[10298]: adjust time server offset -0.013057 sec

Right time !!

For good measure and to ensure to get a cleaner result without any error message

# ntpdate -u 0.north-america.pool.ntp.org13 Nov 16:41:18 ntpdate[10305]: adjust time server offset 0.036014 sec

Right time !!

# hwclock --show
Thu 13 Nov 2014 01:52:05 PM VET -0.752540 seconds

Wrong Time; in the BIOS is 16:42 Hrs.

# hwclock --systohc

# hwclock --showThu 13 Nov 2014 04:44:02 PM VET -0.081203 seconds

Right time in the BIOS !!

# /etc/init.d/ntp start
[ ok ] Starting NTP server: ntpd.