MD disk in Sony VPCZ laptops

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I have a Sony VPCZ laptop. It came with two features that have proved annoying with linux. The first is that it has two graphics cards, one is intel ("stamina"), the other nvidia ("speed"). This still creates problems with, eg, debian testing (which I installed on a portable disk drive just to try), which sometimes freezes with either a nouveau or an intel driver error message (the only solution is to press the start button). But I understand that as a problem with the testing distribution (and, anyway, it does not happen that often, though I haven't been able to recognize a pattern).

My problem is with the laptop's drive, which is formed by 4 SSD modules of 64Mb each. What is puzzling to me is the following. Up to debian-7.5, the installers would correctly read the partitions that are in the "assembled" drive. But the installers of 7.6 and 7.7, and also the testing dist, do not recognize it. They give the option of configuring a software MD, but I am too risk-averse to use that and risk losing data (or having to reinstall everything). I have tried other distributions installers in order to see whether they would recognize the MD device and they do.

My question is: is this behavior intended (ie, I am supposed to use the MD configuration program) or is it a bug?

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