Permission Denied for user who is member of group

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I am a new-ish Linux user, but I thought that I understood how folder permissions worked.

My understanding is that if a user is a member of the group associated with a folder, and if that folder has group permissions set to read and execute, and the user has the ability to read and execute all of that folder's parent folders, that they should be able to cd into the folder. Is this wrong?

I have my particular situation as follows, though I have changed the names of the groups, folders, and users.

I have a user, "testUser" who is a member of both groups groupA and groupB. The folder structure looks like:


the permissions of grandparent are root, root 775
the permissions of parent are someUser, someGroup 775
the permissions of folderA are someUser, groupA 770
the permissions of folderB are someUser, groupB 770

Despite conditions corresponding exactly between testUser's access to folderA and folderB, for some reason, test user can cd into folderA, but NOT folderB.

What is preventing testUser from cd-ing into folderB? Why should it work for for folderA, but not folderB, when everything is the same?