Atom Processor vs Dual Pentium III Processors

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I enjoy running my own web server from home. I’m aware it doesn’t save money compared to paying for a web hosting. I do this because I enjoy it. But that said I am interested in reducing my expenses by lowering the power consumption.

So here’s what I would like to know: Can an Acer Aspire One Netbook with an Intel Atom processor and 2gb of RAM perform as well or better than an older Compaq Proliant ML350 server with dual Pentium III processors and 1.5gb of memory?

Also, can the netbook sustain the demands of running constantly 24 hours a day? The Proliant is a true server and designed to run constantly. The netbook is designed to be portable and powered on much less frequently.

The electrical comparison is significant. The Proliant server uses 87 watts at idle and spikes to 104 watts under a slight load. The Acer Netbook uses 11 watts at idle and spikes to 13 watts under a slight load.

Cost for electric in my area is 0.14 / kwh. Running the Proliant server costs me around $8 / month. If I ran the Acer it would only cost a little over a dollar.

So can my somewhat modern netbook perform as well or better than my old trusty server? If so then I would like to phase out the old server and use the netbook in its place. The Proliant is used to host a handful of low traffic WordPress powered websites.