Should I use virtual machines for backup and NAS server ?

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I'm building home server.. I'm going to use it for the following things
1. Backing up (6 computers until now)
2. Plex Server to stream 1080p contents to the computers, tablets, phones, and TVs on the network
3. NAS with almost all kind of sharing protocols (smb,afp,ftp....etc) (for Kodi and sharing), transmission ...etc the normal NAS

So, the physical machine will have two virtual machines
First: for the backing up
Second one: for the NAS and Plex

That's why I was wondering... should I use this approach to separate the backups from the NAS and media sharing & streaming ? just to prevent any accidents that could happen to the backups. as well as to secure it more.

or that would be just a waste of the resources ?