Debian 8.0 Jessie: SUSPEND problems

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computer SUSPEND mode problems (going into SUSPEND or recovering from SUSPEND)
I will be describing my experiences with the computer SUSPEND mode,
hoping someone can figure out how to solve this problem on DEBIAN 8.0 Jessie
HARDWARE, desktop:
MSI motherboard A58M-E33
AMD (APU A6-5400k) (dual-core) (AMD Radeon HD 7540D) (3.6Ghz)
Monitor connected to the motherboard's VGA port.
I used the "same" hardware described above, and all I did was swap hard drives
containing different OS (Linux distributions)
the installs on these 7 hard drives were done using the same computer.

Attach SATA drive, turn on computer, suspend, recover from suspend:

hard drive 1: Fedora 21 + Gnome: no suspend problems
hard drive 2: Linux mint 15 + cinnamon: no suspend problems
hard drive 3: Linux mint 17.1 refuses to install on this computer (problem reported on ubuntu sites)
hard drive 4: Linux mint Debian edition 2, based on Debian/Jessie: No problems.
hd#5: debian 7.8 wheezy + gnome: after boot refuses to suspend; reboot2,
refuses to suspend, reboot#3: suspends fine and recovers fine, on and on.
HD#6: debian 8.0 Jessie + gnome: suspend fine,
but will not recover: black screen and keyboard does not work:
numlock or capslock lights do not respond.
HD#7: debian 8.0 Jessie + KDE: suspend fine, but will not recover,
same as with HD#5, BUT, HIBERNATE works flawlessly.

I searched for these problems on many sites, no good suggestions were given.