2 Installation problems

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Debian 8.0.0

Motherboard : GIGABYTE GA-Z97X (its am UEFI Board, UEFI is disabled !!)
HDDs: 6x 2TB same type

2 Problems

During installation I had following problem:

On 4 of the 6 HDDs where importent datas. But I could not see, which HDD is empty, because all HDDS where shown with the SAME header. It would be VERY HELPFULL to show more informations about the HDDS .

After running the installation till bootmanager all went ok.
I think the question for the 'bootsector' refers for the existing bootsector ( I run Windosws 7) or do this mean for 'NEW bootsector' is for Debian? Because it was not clear for me, I decided to select LILO. After it was installed an Error message flashed on the screen and the pc shoot down.

Windows 7 starts and run without problems, but Debian could not be started. I tried to run it from the Debian-HD with overriding the normal bootsequence. An errormessage popped up with ' No System to start'

Sorry for my bad english, but it is a very long time ago as I learned it.