Can't see HD during installation [UEFI]

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Dear ones,

I apologize should this question have been posted before. I searched for it in the archives but didn't find a match.

I have an issue with my Debian 8.0 installazion on a Dell XPS 8700 PC with Win 8.0 pre-insttalled.

I didn't go through the windows installation process since I would like to repplace it with a Debian fresh install.
I know that there are many guides for installation on UEFI machines but all relates with dual boot.

In rder to proceed with the install, I formatted and prepared an usb install disk with rufus preparing it with GPT format.

As soon as I boot, Debian installation correctly start. I go through it until partition screen in which
no hd is present. The only item that shows up is related with the usb pen (scsi...).
As such I can only try to partition and install on the usb pen...:-(

How can I solve this issue?

Let me thank in advance all those will help and/or express their opinion on this issue.