Debian Jessie and NVidia GTX 960M

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Does anyone managed to get NVidia GTX 960M working in Jessie amd64?
I have Asus with dual Intel and NV960m and I'm quite new in Linux.
I've searched for instructions how to install drivers for this card but everything I've done wasn't successful.
NVidia-driver from Jessie (non-free) does not support this card.
In Debian howto - section NVIDIA Drivers - there is a note saying that to get 9xx cards working in Jessie you have to install original linux drivers downloaded from NVidia site.
I downloaded newest version (352.21 - file) and did everything from readme (installed headers, build essentials etc, installer compiled and installed the module). I ran nvidia-xconfig. In xorg.conf driver "nvidia" was listed. nouveau driver were blacklisted etc...but after restart all I've got is black screen with cursor blinking in left top corner...
I read every tutorial and howtos that i found on the web (about similar problem but some other nv cards) but the results were the same...I tried setting nomodeset in grub...adding BusID to xorg.conf and hundred other "tips" found on the web...with no result....the same black screen and blinking cursor
xorg.0.log at the end has info: "no devices detected, no screens found"
I don't know what to do to get this card working. I want to install those drivers and then bumblebee.
Maybe someone had the same card and same problem and could provide me with info how to solve this.
I would be grateful for any help

Bumblebee directly

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Whats about to install bumblebee now, run the X on intel and then try to wake up the nvidia with optirun for testing.
I had issues too.nouveau crashes for me all time i get rcu_sched problem and nvidia non-free alone make the system too hot and i was never satisfied ( a lot of problems, could not remember to run without any negatives)
But now i run the intel in x and use the nvidia card for testing. could have some useful info for you especially the command:
optirun nvidia-settings -c :8
The Ubuntu specials on this page you can ignore.

Iam not sure but my GTX 760m have maybe some similiar problems and to run it on nvidia only, this is not recommended, in my eyes.hope it can help you.
Its a year old thread but for some with the same problem could be a find.