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How can I use grub to install a UNIX is on a different drive or partition. I will setttle for a different Linux if You don't know about UNIX.


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WOW. I mean WOW. You actually wasted time on the response and now anyone that can help, wont thinking its a UNIX question not a grub question.

I suppose a discussion on how grub could alternatively be used to load another OS's would be out of the question?

I guess a discussion of using grub to get this garbage off my hard drive maybe reinstall an earlier version or just get this bug ridden. #@#$ off my drive when it crashes again and install another OS has nothing to do with Linux....oh I am sorry. Debian. Debien. Debian pure Linux?

a discussion of using the Debian Linux grub to install\maintain a "UNIX/Debian" coexistence on my computer, not only shows what a second class citizen looks like in the eyes of the "Debian. Debian. Debian Linux" community, but shows me the all inclusive Debian community doesn't coexist with anyone, not even yourselves!

Lastly, Ebeneezer, Instead of sticking your nose up at the screen to try to make a newbie feel inferior, just say it outright," You are behind a screen locked up in a room somewhere, and you think nothing can happen. Maybe throw in a little lol and a smiley face.

Now you've denied me researching a question I wanted to ask for a long time. Next time keep all that hi and mighty stuff to yourself, even if a question about the debian grub has nothing to do with "Debian. Debian. Debian linux. " keep that stuff to yourself someone else might understand the question. Plus your embarrassing yourself.

Merry Christmas to you and all the "Debiab.Deeeeebiannnnn. Denian linux super users.

Unix with Grub2

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This can be done, since its done with Debian/BSD. If BSD, this page has some info about using Grub2 with BSD.

You don't say which Unix you're trying to boot and I'd guess different ones would need different Grub entries.

Assuming this Unix is located on some partition on your hard drive, have you tried the command as superuser "update-grub"? That may well auto-detect the new OS and add an appropriate Grub entry.