Hosting webpage on apache2 server = problems

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I've have my home server set up for a little while now and I decided to try a few new things.

Since I've been using VS for school programming, I thought it would be simple to use this to build an page. Well the building part is fairly easy, but configuring apache and mod_mono to play nicely with the web application is not.

I recently installed a fresh Debian server OS and (supposedly) everything I need to host what I would like to host.

I mapped my /var/www/ server directory to my Win10 computer and created a new VS web application directly in the mapped drive.

The site works when debugging locally on my windows machine but I cant get Default.aspx files to display when loading the page. Currently the .aspx file is downloading without loading the page, but at one point it was loading the default Apache directory listing page.

*.html files work fine.

to test, I tried using an xsp server and loading a single .aspx file through the server's ip and that gave me a 'file not found error'

I've searched about every relevant page I could find through google so I'd like to get to the bottom of it.

Let me know if you need any of my config files.