Getting debian web docs to work on my computer

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I have Ubuntu Studio on which Debian "dwww" is installed. I needed to fix some directories by adding symbolic links to get everything to work. But for now, if I click on a command to see its manpage or documentation, I am asked to download the gzipped file. It is not uncompressing and converting to html. I imagine it should do something if it is appending


to all of the links. But I don't see a script to run the CGI query. There are none in the dwww directory, nor under dwww/cgi-bin. There was never a cgi-bin directory at any rate. I actually had to create one so the links to the manpages wouldn't break, but there are no scripts in there unless I wrote it, and I didn't write any.

What is this script supposed to be called? There are no clues in the HTML. Can I download it from somewhere?