Logging on to the forum

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This is my first post.

I have no idea if this is the appropriate forum for this. I did not see a "general" category or a "newbie category" when I looked at the dropdown. This post is about logging on to this forum and posting to this forum. (I also noticed that the contact/feedback link on the left leads to a blank page on my browser).

I forgot to write down my password when I first registered and I forgot what I typed in. When I requested a password reset, an email was sent to me with a link but no alternative password. I clicked on the link, and I was asked to change my password, and clicking on that link brought me to the page where I could reset the password. However, it is asking for my old password, and I have none to give, since the email sent to me just had a link and some instructions.

Entering the password I wanted without entering the original password resulted in the page refusing to accept my new password. I get an error: "Your current password is missing or incorrect; it's required to change the Password." Since the server didn't didn't send a new password, which was the entire point of clicking the link to reset the password, I couldn't properly reset my password.

Sounds like I have a chicken-and-egg problem. I suppose I could stop complaining and keep requesting a change of password and clicking on email links from now on ... ? There must be a lot of people in these forums in the same boat.

Since it is possible that I may not be able to log back in now unless I create a completely new account, could people email their responses to this post at sciguy "at" vex.net?