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We use Debian jessie MATE.
KMail is a question about.
Every time you boot your KMail, you are prompted to enter the e-mail address of the password that has been set.
But it is a little annoying, I think there a way to improve this phenomenon.
If you have person there you know, thank you for your professor.
Thank you.


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KMail is the mail client for the KDE desktop. I love it because I know of no other mail client that handles multiple accounts and e-mail addresses as flexibly as KMail does.

What you're seeing is not normal behavior.

In a KDE environment KMail integrates with a widget that checks mail on the server. Thus, I have to wonder if that is the root of your problem -- that MATE is not handling/providing that functionality for KMail.

Also, double-checking KMail's configuration settings would be worthwhile; as I recall, there are options in there to save the passwords (KMail typically uses another KDE component, KWallet, to handle passwords).

I received your reply, Thank

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I received your reply, Thank you very much.
MATE is, I do not support the sufficient function of KMail.
Will setting the option to save the password is not functioning well.
Thank you very much.