Problem with internet configuration using Debian 8.50(Jessie)

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I fear that I have missed something obvious. I can ping to local devices and the router gateway but not to external internet sites.
On the local network I have a PC running Windows 7 that works fine. I wirelessly connect phones tablest and a Windows 10 laptop with no problem.

The Debian installation is on a acer aspire laptop with wired and wirless ethernet connections.

It appears that nothing from the acer gets to grets past the router,configured as a gateway witth address and dhcp.
The attached file is a log of various tests.

Some help and avice would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Have you?

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I assume that you have installed any necessary firmware (driver).

What program do you use to connect to the network? e.g. Network-manager or wicd or ceni. Have you properly configured it by entering the correct SSID and password?

Response to Internet connection problems.

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I have all drivers in place. Without those I don't think I would be able to make a local connection as reported in the logfile.
I have dhclient running. I have the cvorrectSSID and password in place. Theproblem iswith getting beyond the router. I can get to all devices on my sideof the router. I believe that I have confufred the wired and wirelss network correctly and I have tried wired and wireles each on their own. A set of diagnostics is in the txt file attached to the initial inquiry. I would really appreacite some guidance.


David Pycock


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does it work if you manually run dhclient as root after booting ?
I had the same symptoms and it appears it was a conflict between network-manager and the /etc/network/interfaces file.
The problem was solve by erasing information in /etc/network/interfaces (blank file) and managing connection with nm-applet.

Narrowed down the issue

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It seems that the problem I am having is a clash between the Virgin Media router configuration and Linux that is covered by Windows and tabets but not Linux. The laptop connects fine on a btinternet network

Does anyone know what the needs to be done in Jessie 8.50 to get over this problem?

David Pycock

Virgin Media

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There seem to be a lot of tales on the Internet about Virgin Media and Linux, including them apparently throttling VPNs, Torrents and LINUX.

Maybe you should try widening out you search for an answer. How about e.g. ?