New "Wheezy"-based Debian version available for the Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi has announced a new public beta test based on the "wheezy" version of Debian's upcoming OS release.

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized, single-board computer running an ARM11 CPU. The $35 Raspberry Pi is aimed at providing schoolchildren with a cheap computer to play around on and learn with, but giving those to kids seems like an awful waste to me. Smile

This version of Debian is tweaked to operate in the Raspberry Pi's limited hardware environment. The Raspberry Pi features USB ports and can be plugged into a TV or monitor through its HDMI port. It can be powered by a cell phone charger or even batteries, and the OS, apps and user data are stored on a generic SD memory card. Still, keeping in mind the kid-centered orientation of the Pi, the developers have managed to pack in a full GUI desktop and it's chock full of cool toys and programming languages. More info here or here.