new installation squeeze lenovo x121e

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I have just installed debian squezze on my laptop... first boot. no wlan visible... no graphic driver... i see lspci... wlan adapter listed...

It is lenovo thinkpad x121e with i3 core..

Currently the only way to get in the internet is my smartphone..

Please need help dont want to install ubuntu again Smile



"Installing Debian GNU/Linux

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"Installing Debian GNU/Linux on a Thinkpad X121e" -

You say " i see lspci... wlan adapter listed..." ...Y...e...s... WHAT?


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Have you done an lspci -k? It will list each device along with the kernel module if loaded.
lspci -v will give you verbosity. Are the devices working for you?

Have you setup the hot keys on the keyboard? If so? How did you go about doing this?
I have read some Wikis that suggest installing HAL in combination with XBINDKEYS or a modified ACPI daemon.
I have a ThinkPad T400 type 2768-12u with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 turned off.



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All is well.