Configuration settings for session limits in /etc/security/limits.conf

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I am using Ubuntu Linux 12.04. I would like to know more about configuring
the system resource limits for users logged into my system.

rss (resident set size)

What do the above setting mean and how are they used?

Thank for your help!

Chris Strubel

Re: Configuration settings for session limits in...

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It always amazes me how many tiny recesses of Unix there are like this that are only semi-documented. (It makes me flash back to talking with Sun Solaris admins who used to install the GNU utilities just because they had man pages.)

It's like some guy wrote the code and the knowledge was passed on to a group of active admins who had a reason to know/interest in such things, but that since few other people used/needed to know, the knowledge stayed with only some tiny group.

There is a tiny bit of help in "man limits.conf", but that is basically the same as the comments in the config file. Sad I was hoping information would be in the The Debian Administrator's Handbook, but no such luck. "man setrlimit" includes more information, but that sort of needs a translation to relate it to limits.conf. Doing an Internet search turns up many sites with the man page on it (?!), but very few with only snippets of more actual information and nowhere do I see an actual thorough explanation.