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Debian Project News - June 24th, 2013

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The Debian Project
Debian Project News
June 24th, 2013

Welcome to this year's thirteenth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include:

* DebConf13 will have its DebCamp
* Debian Code Search on video
* Bits from the Debian System Administrators
* Interviews
* Other news
* Important Debian Security Advisories
* New and noteworthy packages
* Work-needing packages
* Want to continue reading DPN?

High Performance Linux Router With Optional LMS Web Panel And Radius Server In 5 Minutes

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Every network administrator managing a pool of many routers knows how important configuration repeatability is. For this reason I have presented how to install a high performance router under Debian Linux OS with configuration done in an easily editable text file in few simple and pleasant steps. The whole installation should not take more than 5 minutes!

Server Monitoring With munin And monit On Debian Wheezy

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In this article I will describe how you can monitor your Debian Wheezy server with munin and monit. munin produces nifty little graphics about nearly every aspect of your server without much configuration, whereas monit checks the availability of services like Apache, MySQL, Postfix and takes the appropriate action such as a restart if it finds a service is not behaving as expected. The combination of the two gives you full monitoring: graphics that lets you recognize current or upcoming problems, and a watchdog that ensures the availability of the monitored services.

Multiarch: How To Use 32bit Packages On A 64bit System (Debian 7 Wheezy)

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On Debian Wheezy, it is now possible to run a i386-linux-gnu application on an amd64-linux-gnu system. This is called Multiarch and refers to the capability of a system to install and run applications of multiple different binary targets on the same system.

How To Use PHP 4.4.9 (FastCGI) With Apache & ISPConfig 3 (Debian Wheezy)

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Since ISPConfig 3.0.5, it is possible to use multiple PHP versions on one server and select the optimal PHP version for a website. If you have some very old websites on your server, they might not work with PHP5, but only with PHP4. This tutorial shows how to build PHP 4.4.9 as a FastCGI version for use with Apache2 on a Debian Wheezy server. This PHP version can be used together with the default PHP (installed through apt) in ISPConfig.


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