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Debian Project News - September 3rd, 2012

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The Debian Project
Debian Project News
September 3rd, 2012

Welcome to this year's seventeenth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include:

* Debian's presence at RMLL 2012
* amd64: primary Debian architecture
* New mirrors closer to Debian users
* Debian translation workflows in a Master's thesis
* Other news
* Upcoming events
* New Debian Contributors
* Release-Critical bugs statistics for the upcoming release
* Important Debian Security Advisories
* New and noteworthy packages
* Work-needing packages
* Want to continue reading DPN?

Installing mod_geoip for Apache2 On Debian Squeeze

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This guide explains how to set up mod_geoip with Apache2 on a Debian Squeeze system. mod_geoip looks up the IP address of the client end user. This allows you to redirect or block users based on their country. You can also use this technology for your OpenX (formerly known as OpenAds or phpAdsNew) ad server to allow geo targeting.

nginx: How To Block Visitors By Country With The GeoIP Module (Debian/Ubuntu)

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This tutorial explains how to use the GeoIP module with nginx to block visitors by country. This is made possible by the GeoIP database which maps users' IP addresses to countries. nginx must be compiled with the HttpGeoipModule to use the GeoIP database.

How To Set Up Apache2 With mod_fcgid And PHP5 On Ubuntu 12.04

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This tutorial describes how you can install Apache2 with mod_fcgid and PHP5 on Ubuntu 12.04. mod_fcgid is a compatible alternative to the older mod_fastcgi. It lets you execute PHP scripts with the permissions of their owners instead of the Apache user.


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